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September 10, 2015
Following Where He Leads

5 Ways to Use Kefir...that you've never heard of... | width=At its core, kefir is a fermented drinkable yogurt-type beverage made from starter “grains, ” in a way similar to kombucha. However, it is not just a delicious drink with many probiotic benefits.

Here are some unusual ways to use kefir that you probably never thought of trying! Kefir is easy to make, and highly versatile.

1. Use kefir to soak grains

Kefir is a great medium for soaking grains. It helps bring out the best qualities of the grains, and adds in a fresh flavor that you would definitely want in dishes like these beautiful soaked .

My friend Ashley from Whistle Pig Hollow took it all a step further‚ by including kefir in her . She describes the process of using kefir as a grain soaking aid like this:

Soured/fermented milk products provide lactic acid and lactobacilli that break down complex starches, tannins that can be irritating to the digestive system, and proteins that can be difficult to digest.

5 Ways to Use Kefir...that you've never heard of... | width=How great is that? The flavor is out of this world too!

2. Use kefir to make probiotic ice cream

A great way to consume kefir is of course in ice cream! Kefir is what gives my Chocolate Probiotic Ice Cream such an interesting flavor kick. It can also be used in fruity flavors of ice cream, such as this Persimmon Ice Cream.

3. Use kefir to make tangy probiotic sauces

Need to add a bit of tang to a sauce recipe? Try adding kefir! Kefir is also the star of this garlicky sauce.

4. Use kefir to heal your skin

It sounds a little silly, but kefir’s natural probiotics are extremely beneficial to the healing of skin. This recipe (starring kefir!) helps balance the skin’s acid/alkaline balance, facilitating healing.

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