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July 2, 2014
Kefir (pronounced KEE-fur or

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Yummy Ways to Eat Kefir

Don’t like plain kefir, even though you know it’s good for you? Well, I have some people like you in my family. 😉 So I’ve been on a mission, since we begun making it, to come up with fun and yummy ways to eat it. I hope that you will help me build up this list. First, though, let’s recap why kefir is so good for you (see the original kefir post for more). Kefir:

  • is a natural antibiotic
  • does not feed yeast
  • doesn’t bother those who are lactose intolerant, because the beneficial microorganisms consume most of the lactose
  • provides enzyme lactase, to digest remaining lactose
  • coats the lining of the digestive tract, creating a nest for beneficial bacteria to colonize

Now, onto the yummy ways we’ve been eating — and loving — kefir.

1. Kefir Cheese

This is much like yogurt cheese, where the whey has dripped out, leaving a thicker consistency that is spreadable like cream cheese. You can season it with herbed seasoning salt, herbs, or anything else you fancy, and then spread it on bread, biscuits, etc. (See directions here – steps 1 and 2 of probiotic potato salad.)

3. Salad Dressings

Use in place of yogurt in yogurt-based salad dressings. Experiment with adding it to other salad dressings.

4. Veggie Dip

Season up the kefir cheese (from the probiotic potato salad) and make a dip out of it. Just some homemade herbed seasoning salt is all it takes. (Pictured at top.)

6. Smoothies

Try my .

8. Parfait

Make a kefir parfait, using kefir as you would yogurt and top it with soaked/dehydrated nuts and seeds, soaked/dehydrated oats, dried fruit, cinnamon, fresh fruit, and a drizzle of raw honey or maple syrup. Yumm for a snack, as a salad, or as breakfast!

What about you? What fun ways have you found to use kefir?

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