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October 16, 2015
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Hardcore Micellar Casein by Muscle Feast is by far the best casein protein powder you will ever find and it is one of the most valuable protein supplements I have ever come across. Although, it is not a well-known brand that boasts very high sales like Optimum Nutrition, there is not a single person who ended up unhappy after using this product. People who take this casein, absolutely love it and they have good reasons.

The unflavored version of Hardcore Micellar Casein is 93 % protein. Incredible as it is, you will not be pumping no junk material into your body if you opt for this one. It has zero carbs and zero fat and almost all the calories you get are from casein protein itself. Noting that the flavored varieties have slightly less protein with some more calories, I would advise you get the unflavored one and mix it with whatever food you like to savor the unrivalled protein content.

Needless to say that this powder is pure micellar casein with no calcium caseinate. The company stresses the milk is produced in the USA under USDA regulations and it is grade A milk and kosher, too. That sounds impressive.

This product has no artificial substances in it. The chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors have stevia and sucrose as sweeteners. Stevia is a non-calorie, natural, sweet substance from a plant and sucrose is simply table sugar. These are just awesome when compared to all the synthetic stuff you come across in the above casein powders. There is also soy lecithin, which is an additive used in most powders for a better texture.

Comparing the prices on absolute terms, one could suggest that Muscle Feast casein is more expensive than others. Yet, when you consider the fact that there is actually way more casein in every granule of this powder, you realize what we have here is the most cost-effective casein powder in the market.

In short, Muscle Feast Micellar Casein is the best casein powder you will come across and is rated high by everyone who tried it. I am pretty sure that you will be glad for investing your money in this great supplement and strongly recommend it for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a decent casein protein.

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