Tibetan kefir grains

October 13, 2015
Tibetan Xue Lian Hua Kefir

Nowadays the fruit enzymes topics are circulated around and still on, most of them are more into ‘how to make the fruit enzymes’, with various types of fruits to ferment home made fruit enzymes, garbage enzymes etc.

Now it comes again, another healthy fermentation food is stirring hot in the market and becoming famous through distributing and sharing activities in Malaysia and other countries.

Tibetan Mushroom Kefir grains “雪莲花乳酸菌"

It is a kefir like of kefir grains, which has the Chinese name right here as “Xue Lian Hua Jun” ~ “雪莲花乳酸菌 or Tibetan Kefir grains. Xue Lian Hua ~ 雪莲花 in Chinese means “snow lotus”. That’s a thing it looks like “cauliflower” crumbled together when rinse under the running water. It is very easy to brew water kefir.

I got this culture starter grains from my brother in law, it was given to me with the instructions of how to make and its benefits, plus a bottle of ready made “living water” 活命水 extracted from this living organism for my consumption.

It is inexpensive way to produce your own fermented probiotics at very low cost and culturing it forever. It is probiotics and enzymes that the benefits is similar to those milk Kefir. It goes with the saying and claimed this Tibetan Kefir grains are from Tibetan lama. This has been used as Tibetan alternative medicine for thousand years ago.

Kefir and Tibetan Kefir is quite similar; the different is where its origin form. Before ancient, Kefir is from the Soviet Russian Caucasus area, Caucasus Mountains and Tibet, is where the "Xue Lian Hua Jun" ~ 雪莲花乳酸菌 comes from, both Kefir and Tibetan kefir grains are the probiotics, except the bacterium's proportion is depends on the environment factor, but both will contain the bacterium type is closely the same only the proportion will receive the environment changes.

It is a lactic acid probiotic food like yogurt and kefir, containing of lactic acid bacteria and the friendly bacteria. This beverage is the culture of Probiotic with the yeast living microorganisms that exhibiting some anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic, anti-neoplastic and immunomodulatory effects.

According to some of the online researches it contains the friendly bacteria and yeasts of:

Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus casei casei, Candida valida, Streptococcus lactis, Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus alactosus, Lactobacillus pseudoplantarum, Streptococcus cremeris, Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Saccharomyces florentinus, Saccharomyces pretoriensis, Kloeckera apiculata, and Candida lambica,

Xue Lian Hua Kefir 雪莲花乳酸菌 or Tibetan Kefir is a fermented beverage which is combination of many different bacteria and yeasts with a matrix of proteins, lipids and sugars that living together and changed into polysaccharide grains. It is polymeric carbohydrate structures and it can be found from certain oats, and cereal. Polysaccharide grains as sustainable energy source to the body to produce a feel-good chemical in the brain to enhance the mood, helping people to feel happy.

• It stabilizes the blood sugar level,

• Melts away the fatigue,

• Improve of immunity system.

• Boosts liver functions,

• Improves intestinal health and prevent of colon cancer.

• Name a few, as well as weight management and used in skincare and cosmetic.

What are the benefits of taking “Xue Lian Hua” Beverage

It benefits the digestive tract system and can be surviving in the human intestinal especially to treat gastrointestinal tract, ulcer and gastric and other colon diseases. The researches have found that the lactic acid of this Tibetan Kefir fermented food provides good protection and prevention to against of cancer by long term consumption.

It also claimed that has been cured many cancerous cases, also this culture has been circulated around as “living remedy” in natural healing for Liver Cancer, that has the strongest and harmless natural antibiotic, also a natural remedy to against any allergy, it has anti-tumor properties speed up the healing of many other illnesses as claimed in the circulation list.

My personal experiment of taking “Hua Lian Hua” drink:

It taste and smell like “grape wine” to me. It is slightly alcohol contain. Not that bad to take it. The alcoholic taste is due to fermentation and its carbonate released, the longer it keeps and the alcohol taste is stronger, slightly sour.

Some may feel dizzy and the hot flushes all over the face and body, slightly with the feeling of warmness, as for me the feeling of my stomach is like a roller caster kept stirring uncomfortably for a few minutes, and warming effect inside but not that bad. Guess this must be my gastrointestinal problem. One thing I realized is my bowel movement has changed and slightly having diarrhea symptom on the first 3 days.

So to continue I completed taking a bottle of this wonderful “living water” within 3 days. The bowel movement has changed to normal. Then I feel lively and feel good, after all, not much of other side effect it seemed so far. Feeling fresh and my fatigue has reduced.

The amazing of this living microorganism beverage, is sharing "living water" by mean of doing charity like distributing, and sharing the grains or the beverage to other who may need it

The amazing part of it, these grains grows over time will keep multiplying more in each time during fermented. There after producing more grains, to get rid of the problem of overload with the grains, is to giving away as “gift” to friends.

The making procedure quite similar to “kombucha” 红茶菇菌”, was using the mother culture to produce the good bacterium solution for health.

You can also adding fruits to flavor like making enzyme probiotics drink, especially making young coconut water kefir is an ideal isotonic drink.

"Xue Lian Hua Kefir"“雪莲花乳酸菌 or Tibetan Kefir grains

The fact this Tibetan Xue Lian Hua or Tibetan kefir grains have 2 versions of making it. There are water kefir and milk kefir methods.

From the version of Malaysian and Taiwanese or other countries, with accordance to what the instructions of Malaysia styles of making it, they using the ingredients of unprocessed brown cane sugar and water for fermentation process. The Taiwanese and Tibetan styles are using the milk for Tibetan kefir culture like making kefir or yogurt drink. It changes it into the living food.

On what the researches and online information, this Tibetan kefir is rich in Vitamin B12, B1, and Vitamin K, it is legendary health benefits for treating and prevention of:

1) Boosts immunity system and enhance of body energy.

2) Regulates and relieve of fatigue.

3) Cures Liver disease.

4) Helps to dissolve gall bladder and kidney stones.

5) Controlling of skin disease like psoriasis and eczema. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

6) Treats inflammatory disease, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

7) Speeds up the process of healing bruises.

8) Treats Heart disease and blood cancer, cleans blood vessels.

9) Treats pancreatitis, gastrointestinal tract disease, gastric and stomach ulcer.

10) Help and lessens the side effect of taken pharmaceutical antibiotics, cleans the body from antibiotics taken.

11) To maintaining youthful skin, for internal and external usage.

12) Strengthen hairs and prevent of gray hairs

13) Lower High cholesterol, lower LDL cholesterol and blood sugar level

14) To improve and restore micro flora digestion system relieves intestinal disorder, improve bowel movement and alleviate constipation.

15) Treats malignant ovarian cancer, stops the growth of cancer cells

How to make Xue Lian Hua Kefir with Brown Cane Sugar and water


  • 3 cups of Xue Lian Hua Kefir
  • Unprocessed Brown Cane Sugar 1 kg
  • 2.4 liter of Filtered water


  • No metal utensil
  • Plastic Mesh Strainer and spoon
  • Glass Jar

You can start with small quantity first. Just reduce the quantity and measurement.


1. Clean the glass jar or container and air dried. Wash the Xue lian hua Culture Starter with filter running water. Strain dry.

2. Fill in the Xue Lian Hua Culture Starter into the clean jar.

3. Use clean filter water to dissolve the brown sugar and diluted into sugar water.

4. Use the plastic mesh strainer to remove and get rid of the debris or dirt of the unprocessed brown sugar.

5. Pour in the filtered sugar water into the jar.

6. Cover with a clean cloth and fasten with rubber band. It allows the air flow in to produce oxygen and let the Xue Lian Hua Kefir culturing.

Source: sennyong.blogspot.com
Raw Milk Kefir using Kefir Grains
Raw Milk Kefir using Kefir Grains
Raw Milk Kefir after 24 hours - Straining
Raw Milk Kefir after 24 hours - Straining
Straining kefir grains!
Straining kefir grains!

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