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May 7, 2018
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Micellar casein protein is a fairly new form of protein which is extracted from milk protein isolate. In addition, whey protein peptides are also removed from the milk-produced casein protein which produces pure micellar casein, a totally undenatured protein rich in growth-promoting amino acids. “Micellar” literally means that casein protein is naturally isolated from milk minus the utilization of chemicals which may contaminate the full effects of casein. Being a precursor to casein, micellar protein absorbs much slower than whey protein products and contains beneficial anti-catabolic ingredients as well. Your muscles will continue to obtain nourishment from micellar casein protein much longer than they will with whey protein because of its slow-digesting properties. Although whey can enhance protein synthesis more efficiently, micellar casein is functions better at inhibiting muscle damage. However, you should consider utilizing the benefits of both micellar casein protein and whey protein because whey is suitable for pre-workout times and casein works best when taken at bed time. In addition, you can also use casein in place of a meal if necessary because it can be combined with complex carbohydrates and essential nut oils to create a filling and healthy shake.

While searching for micellar casein protein supplements, you will probably read about caseinates, which are proteins that have been processed using chemicals and are thus not as pure. Although these types of protein supplements are somewhat cheaper, it is still better for your health and your body building career to spend a little more money and buy a real micellar casein protein powder. Researchers have professed their amazement over the ability of micellar casein protein to maintain amino acids at high levels for up to seven hours. Your post-workout muscles will especially love micellar casein protein because it keeps sending those essential amino acids to muscle tissues for a long time in order to prevent deterioration of damaged muscle cells. Micellar protein also holds good amounts of glutamine and immunoglobulin, amino acids which assists cells in absorbing protein and also strengthens the ability of the immune system to ward off infections. One of the problems body builders and other athletes need to be aware of when supplementing with micellar casein protein is the fact it does come from milk and may exacerbate someone who is lactose intolerant. Signs of this occurring could be mild to severe stomach distress and cramping or, in extreme cases, the onset of anaphylaxis which is the result of an allergic reaction to insect bites, medication, and food such as milk. As an added note, make sure you don’t confuse micellar casein protein with caseinates when taking them since they perform totally different functions within the body. However, body builders and trainers do agree that consuming these two proteins as part of a supplemental diet is a vital component of successfully building muscles and promoting quicker and more potent recoveries. In addition, vigorous muscles need a suitable balance of proteins which can promote a slower metabolism when needed, and likewise, a more rapid metabolism when necessary For physically active individuals, micellar casein protein can give that healthy boost to muscles and over-all strength during those times when you are taxing your body and pushing your leg, arm, shoulder and chest muscles to the extreme.

Protein is one of the most plentiful substances in the human body other than water. Your muscles are rich in protein, containing 70% of all the protein your body can hold, which is why protein supplements are such an important part of a body builder’s diet. Your body requires a continuous supply of proteins in order to function properly since it cannot be stashed away for future use like lipids. Essential to muscle maintenance, protein helps your muscles repair themselves after a physically taxing workout session. In addition, it also contributes the essential nutrients needed to grow more healthy muscles, especially when you consume approximately twenty grams of protein prior to working out. Casein is a great source or protein which is extracted from milk products such as fat-free cottage cheese. As a protein powder supplement, casein efficiently delivers amino acids directly to that muscle tissue body builders nurture and work hard to perfect.

Casein also contains good amounts of arginine, glutamine and threonine, three amino acids which are also called “glucogenic aminos” because they facilitate the production of glucose which is utilized for energy during a workout session. Although casein powder supplement is not as popular as whey protein powder because it does not exhibit the high biological value that whey protein does, casein is still very advantageous for the body builder because of its ability to promote muscle growth after a workout and especially at night while sleeping. Other advantages casein protein supplements offer is the highest glutamine content of any other protein powder. Glutamine assists in the preservation of muscle mass and also in enabling the immune system to successfully repel diseases and infections. Casein is also the protein you’ve probably heard a lot about in regards to how slow it is digested and absorbed, which allows your body to make good use of the benefits of casein protein by having access to it via the blood for longer periods of time. It is the perfect protein to take before going to bed because it is able to maintain elevated amounts of casein in your body while sleeping, which is the time when you are not eating anything and not feeding your body any protein or other related nutrients. As the most affordable protein supplement on the market, casein also makes a great meal replacement because it facilitates absorption of amino acids which produces a feeling of fullness that lasts longer than other meal replacement items.

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