Health benefits of water kefir grains

July 23, 2017
Water kefir grains!

These good bacteria help us to digest our food, prevent allergies, boost our immune system, and overall keep our body healthy. Since many probiotic supplements are not reliable we choose to get our probiotics through fermented foods – and water kefir is a great way to do that!

Increased Immunity!

That”s right, probiotics help to boost your immune system. This means that you will get sick less often. That”s great as we are headed into back to school season.

It’s Easy

Not only is it easy, it’s frugal. You can buy your grains once and use them again and again. It’s very versatile, allowing you to customize the flavors to better suit your families needs. The end result is bubbly making it a great alternative for soda.

How To Make Your Own

To make your own water kefir you will need:


*Non Metal Strainer


Chances are your grains will come with directions. This will give you and overall idea of how easy the process is.

To start, I simply add 1/4 cup of sugar to 3-4 cups of water. I then add 1/3 cup of water kefir grains.

We have well water, but if you have tap water, you will want to boil your water first to get rid of the chlorine. (You can also use filtered water.) Just make sure that your water is cooled back down to room temperature before adding your grains.

Next, secure a coffee filter or something else breathable with a rubber band.

Let it culture for 24 to 72 hours depending on your preferred taste. The longer you let it sit, the less sugary it will taste. You can taste test over these days to see which you prefer.

Then you just have to strain it. You can use your grains to start the process again on another batch. With the batch you just made you can now add 100% juice or fruit and flavor it and do a second fermentation. This will allow it to really bubble. After you have added your fruit add secure your lid this time and leave it for 24 to 72 hours. Now drink!

KEFIR MAKING The Benefits of Water Kefir
KEFIR MAKING The Benefits of Water Kefir
Water Kefir.
Water Kefir.

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