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August 28, 2017
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We do our best to keep all of our wonderful products in plentiful supply, but sometimes we simply don’t have enough to go around. We know this is frustrating, but we want to share with you some of the challenges we face in trying to match our supply with your demand.

Our first challenge is our milk supply varies throughout the year. Some of this is due to the changing of the seasons. In fall, winter and spring; we have optimal temperature for grazing and pasture quality. However; in the summer, we have hotter temperature and the cows only graze in the early morning and late evening as they spend a good portion of their day resting in the shade to stay cool. This effects our milk production.

Secondly, some of our products take more milk to make than others. Did you know it takes 3 gallons of milk to make one pound of butter? That’s a lot of milk! In order to supply the growing market for raw butter and cheese, on occasion, we partner with other certified organic, pasture-based family farms. Collaborating with these farms makes it possible for us to supply our customers with pasture-grazed raw butter and cheese, year-round. On the occurrence that we purchase milk, it is never bottled but is used exclusively in the production of our raw butter and cheese.

Our goal is to balance our supply and demand so there is just enough milk to fulfill all orders. It is a tough balancing act. Thankfully, we have our own distribution fleet and Sales Department that work closely with the store personnel. Together, we do our very best to put the right product mix on the shelf for you to buy each week. Our Marketing Department also strives to know your feedback so we can do our best to adjust ordering and supply to certain markets that are short.

Helpful Hints:

Butter can be frozen up to 6 months, and the flavor or nutrient value is not changed. Stock up on butter when it is available.

Also, you can make your own butter by churning 2 pints of cream for every pound of butter.

What is Skim Milk?

When we separate the cream from whole milk to make butter and cream, skim milk is the byproduct. Skim milk is made when most of the cream (milk fat) is removed from whole milk using a cream separator. The milk fat in skim milk is between 0.1-0.3%. Our Raw Skim Milk roughly contains the same amount of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and immune factors that is found in our raw whole milk.

How to Make Milk Kefir
How to Make Milk Kefir
How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir
How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir
How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir | Passionate Homemaking
How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir | Passionate Homemaking

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