Milk kefir grains

August 4, 2017
Yummy Kefir, Happy Belly

Adding the kefir grains to fresh milk yields a delicious probiotic drink in about 24 hours. Milk kefir can be enjoyed plain, flavored, or used in many recipes, like salad dressing, bread, and ice cream.

  • Includes one packet milk kefir grains, plastic mesh strainer (3½-inch diameter), and instruction and recipe booklet.
  • Rehydration period of 3-7 days with pasteurized (not raw) dairy milk is required before regular use.
  • Cultures on the counter at 68°-85°F, no appliance required.
  • Suitable for use with cow or goat milk. Nut and seed milks yield inconsistent results.
  • Reusable culture; makes up to 1 quart of kefir with every batch.
  • Having trouble making milk kefir? Browse our Milk Kefir Troubleshooting Articles or contact us for assistance.

Milk Kefir Grains Ingredients

  • Organic powdered milk, organic milk, live active cultures.
  • Packaged in a small amount of organic powdered milk to extend shelf life.
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Milk Kefir Grains Allergen Information

  • Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing soy and dairy.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free

Shelf Life and Storage Information

Our milk kefir grains are shipped in a dehydrated state in a barrier-sealed packet. The product keeps:

  • At room temperature (68°-78°F): 12 to 18 months
  • In the refrigerator (40°-45°F): 18+ months
  • In the freezer (0°-25°F): not recommended

Additional Details About Milk Kefir Grains (MKG)

Milk kefir grains are live active cultures consisting of yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship. Milk kefir grains need to be rehydrated using pasteurized dairy milk (not raw milk) before regular use. Once milk kefir grains are rehydrated, they can be transitioned to raw milk. Milk kefir grains can be used to culture coconut, soy, or rice milk once rehydrated, but must be rehydrated in dairy milk first. Milk kefir grains require regular refreshing in fresh dairy milk (as soon as the texture changes.)


Why I Love This Product

Making milk kefir is easy, simple, and fruitful... when you have good kefir grains. I have been making milk kefir for our family for years and have sourced kefir grains both from Cultures for Health and from friends who had gotten them from a friend who had gotten them from a friend. The Cultures for Health milk kefir grains have worked wonderfully every time... as long as I took proper care of them. At one point I was unable to get my grains to multiply or grow in size, but soon discovered that our kitchen was much too cold for them to thrive. With some changes, the grains became active and began to multiply with fervor. If it weren't for my own forgetfulness, I believe these grains could last a lifetime. Shannon, CFH Content Writer

How to Make Milk Kefir
How to Make Milk Kefir
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