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April 30, 2017
Been culturing the kefir

What WE are. What commercial artificial starters truly are not.

NOVICE SPECIAL NOTICE. Because dom ingests Us kefir grains, WE have decided to revolt, by taking mutiny of dom's faculties as OUR main-course of action. So, bearing with this in mind, WE kefir grains hereby declare that dom is now under OUR control. From here on WE communicate through dom by navigating the slimy typing. So, you fortunate few, please sit back, relax and enjoy what WE share here.

WE kefir grains wish to educate newcomers to kefir, without excluding those so thought to be "in the know". With your undivided attention, WE shall focus on common issues, which are the cause of confusion among the many among the masses. Before WE move on though, please, splash your screen with an imaginary amount of fresh milk, for WE kefir grains are thirsty and hungry. That was very kind of you... thank you for exercising your imagination.

Firstly and fore-mostly Kefir should not be mistaken for Yogurt [How was that for an opener, brown cow?!]. These 2 culture milk-products are unique and very different. The reason why kefir is often referred to as a yogurt, or drinking yogurt, is because of the familiarity most westerns have with yogurt in comparison to kefir. This is especially true in those countries where kefir is lesser known than yogurt. However, analysis of the composition of kefir indicates that it contains bio-active ingredients that give it unique health benefits, which means that kefir is an important probiotic source and the more promising as a functional-food even more so than yogurt in many respects.

Kefir is a culture-milk beverage similar to buttermilk in consistency. It is not a thick, spoonable curd like commercial yogurt

How to Make Milk Kefir
How to Make Milk Kefir
Nourish Kefir "The Miracle Milk Drink"
Nourish Kefir "The Miracle Milk Drink"

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