Where can I Find kefir grains?

December 9, 2015

Be aware that people who share their kefir will have varying supplies, as once they've sent out a batch or two to others they'll need to let theirs grow for a while, so you might not be successful the first time you ask and you may have to wait a while for your kefir.

Please also remember not to post your address or phone number on any list but to exchange such information privately with your supplier.

Ask us on our UK based yahoo list. People on the list who make kefir may be happy to share grains for the cost of the postage.

A list of live grain sources in many countries around the world including the UK. Look here to find someone in your area who has grains to share. Water kefir grains are available here too.

Dom will ship kefir grains to most places. He includes his 30 page instruction booklet; Kefir! A Probiotic Gem Cultured with Probiotic Jewels: Kefir Grains. He can also provide water kefir grains. He'll ask for the costs of postage.

Although they have a large list of cultures, including kombucha, soy cultures like Tempeh, Miso and Natto, bread cultures and dairy cultures, they don't export many of them, including kefir, to the UK.

Body Ecology sell kefir starter powder in the USA. This is not the same as the live kefir grains however, the live grains grow with each batch and are self propagating, you'll need to keep buying the kefir powder.

Source: www.seedsofhealth.co.uk
Can kefir prolong life- Kefir grains are the best food
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Kefir Grains
Kefir Grains

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