Non-dairy milk products

June 26, 2016
Non-dairy milk products

The Dairy Research and Promotion Program, also known as the Dairy Checkoff Program, is a national producer and importer program for dairy product promotion, research, and nutrition education. To fund the program, U.S. dairy farmers pay a 15-cents- per hundred-weight assessment on their milk and importers pay 7.5 cents per hundred-weight on dairy products imported into the U.S.

Organizational Structure

The Dairy Board is comprised of 38 members. Thirty-six dairy producer members represent 12 geographic regions within the United States and two members represent dairy importers. Dairy Board members serve 3-year terms, with no member serving more than 2 consecutive terms. Members are selected by the Secretary from nominations submitted by dairy producer organizations, dairy importer organizations, general farm organizations, and Qualified Programs.

Nomination and Membership

The Secretary solicits nominations for the Dairy Board from dairy producers, dairy importers, and other interested parties. Dairy producers and other interested parties may submit nominations for positions on the Board for regions in which they are located.

Nomination Forms

Qualified Organizations

Qualified Programs are State, regional, or importer organizations that conduct a dairy product promotion, research, or nutrition education program, authorized by Federal or State law, or that were active programs prior to the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 (Dairy Act). The Dairy Promotion and Research Order (Dairy Order) provides that dairy farmers can receive a credit up to 10 cents, against the 15-cent per hundredweight national assessment, and importers can receive up to 2.5 cents per hundredweight, for contributions to Qualified Programs.

Qualified Programs must apply for continued qualification on an annual basis. The application process for Qualified Program Certification ensures program integrity and compliance with the Dairy Act, Dairy Order, and USDA regulations.

Application for Initial or Continued Qualification

Submitted information is confidential. Qualified Program submissions should include annual reports, CPA audits, financial statements, and other supporting materials with their submissions. Programs may email certification packages and supporting documents to

  • Letter to Organizations that Conduct Qualified Programs
  • Attachment A - Form DA-15 CG
  • Attachment B - Additional Instructions for Completion of the DA-15 CG
  • Attachment C – Survey TAMU-14
  • Attachment D – Instructions for Survey

Please submit your application and supporting materials to USDA, AMS, Dairy Programs by April 30, 2015. Qualified Programs may mail certification packages and other materials to:

USDA, AMS, Dairy Programs,
Room 2958-S, Stop 0233,

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