Coconut milk kefir Recipe

May 21, 2016
Homamde coconut milk yogurt

coconut_miniCoconut milk kefir is an absolutely delicious, effervescent drink that adds variety to smoothies and other drinks where milk based kefir might typically be used. When made with fresh, raw coconut milk, the flavor is simply out of this world. You will be slow to buy canned coconut milk ever again after tasting this!

Raw, coconut milk kefir is an absolute tonic for those with gut problems and digests so easily giving ample energy and focus to your morning if consumed with breakfast.

I prefer coconut milk kefir to yogurt made with coconut milk because yogurt only has a 2-5 strains of beneficial bacteria, none of which aggressively attack and destroy pathogens in the gut. Therefore, in a gut that is dominated by pathogens and candida (as in someone who has taken many rounds of antibiotics and other prescription drugs over the years and/or eats primarily processed foods), yogurt tends to have only a temporary impact in rebalancing the bacterial colonies in favor of the beneficial strains.

Coconut milk kefir, on the other hand, has about 30 beneficial strains of bacteria and yeasts which do aggressively recolonize the gut by destroying pathogens. As a result, kefir has the potential to permanently alter the gut environment for the better.

Drink coconut milk kefir plain or blended with fruit in a bowl or in a smoothie.

In this video below, I discuss the cost of making coconut milk fresh as opposed to buying organic coconut milk in cans. Which is more economical and which is most nutritious? I personally always opt for fresh and raw as opposed to anything that would be canned and processed although the superior taste of homemade coconut milk and coconut milk kefir is reason enough! Where to get a kefir culture to make some yourself? Check out my Resources page for some ideas or find a friend who is already making coconut milk kefir and get a starter culture from her.

How to make coconut kefir. Dairy-free kefir.
How to make coconut kefir. Dairy-free kefir.
How to Make Coconut Kefir - Part 1
How to Make Coconut Kefir - Part 1

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