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July 2, 2016
CDFA over Raw Milk Private

Chapter 1 Overview of Bioactive Components in Milk and Dairy Products (Young W. Park).

Section I Bioactive Components in Milk.

Chapter 2 Bioactive Components in Bovine Milk (Hannu J. Korhonen).

Chapter 3 Bioactive Components in Goat Milk (Young W. Park).

Chapter 4 Bioactive Components in Sheep Milk (Isidra Recio, Miguel Angel de la Fuente, Manuela Juárez, and Mercedes Ramos).

Chapter 5 Bioactive Components in Buffalo Milk (A. J. Pandya and George F. W. Haenlein).

Chapter 6 Bioactive Components in Camel Milk (Elsayed I. El-Agamy).

Chapter 7 Bioactive Components in Mare Milk (Qinghai Sheng and Xinping Fang).

Section II Bioactive Components in Manufactured Dairy Products.

Chapter 8 Bioactive Components in Caseins, Caseinates, and Cheeses (Ryozo Akuzawa, Takayuki Miura, and Hiroshi Kawakami).

Chapter 9 Bioactive Components in Yogurt Products (Eveline M. Ibeagha-Awemu, J.-R. Liu, and Xin Zhao).

Chapter 10 Bioactive Components in Kefi r and Koumiss (Jia-ping Lv and Li-Min Wang).

Chapter 11 Bioactive Components in Whey Products (Sanghoon Ko and Hae-Soo Kwak).

Chapter 12 Probiotics and Prebiotics as Bioactive Components in Dairy Products (Young Jin Baek and Byong H. Lee).

Section III Other Related Issues on Bioactive Compounds in Dairy Foods.

Chapter 13 Regulatory Issues and Functional Health Claims for Bioactive Compounds (Peter Roupas, Peter Williams, and Christine Margetts).

Chapter 14 New Technologies for Isolation and Analysis of Bioactive Compounds (Sumangala Gokavi).

Chapter 15 Potential for Improving Health: Immunomodulation by Dairy Ingredients (Tadao Saito).

Chapter 16 Potential for Improving Health: Calcium Bioavailability in Milk and Dairy Products (Eveline M. Ibeagha-Awemu, Patrick M. Kgwatalala, and Xin Zhao).

Chapter 17 Potential for Improving Health: Iron Fortifi cation of Dairy Products (Young W. Park).

Distribution of Milk and Milk Products in India
Distribution of Milk and Milk Products in India
Milk Documentary
Milk Documentary
Milk and Milk Products
Milk and Milk Products

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