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May 10, 2015

Dairy Feed Sales JobFind a Dairy Feed Sales Job Here.

Looking for a direct-to-farm dairy feed sales job? We’re looking for you. Continental Search recruits sales, technical, operations and executive positions for the feed industry. Our client list includes feed manufacturers and their animal health and nutrition suppliers. We recruit dairy feed sales representatives who know how to sell, enjoy trouble-shooting on the farm and can balance rations. We also recruit the technical support & managers who aid these sales reps on a day-to-day basis.
While we recruit across the USA, most

Rick joined Continental Search in January 2015 and is focused on recruiting sales and sales management professionals for feed manufacturers and their suppliers. Rick is a Certified Personnel Consultant, having passed the National Association of Personnel Consultants exam in November Rick regularly recruits to fill dairy feed sales jobs and sales jobs for suppliers.

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  • Quantify your business by the number of farms who buy their ration from you and show the number of animals that you feed on those farms.
  • Qualify your accomplishments include sales training you received, awards you have won, sales increases you have created.
  • Describe your product line.
  • Describe your employer.
  • Describe your customer base including the average herd size.
  • Define your exact territory if possible.
  • List ARPAS certification if you have it.
  • List formulation software with which you have practical experience.

Consider these two examples.

Dairy Feed Sales – XYZ Cooperative, Anytown, WI 2012 – Present

Managed a territory for a regional feed additive company. Presidents Award winner 2013.

1 of 8 dairy nutrition reps working for a regional cooperative with 3 branches. Responsible for customers in a 4 county area, centered in Madison. Responsible for the ration (using Brill) on 40 dairy farms with an average herd size of 150. Managing the largest area for this cooperative. Increased sales year over year at a minimum rate of 12% annualized. Customers included 3 of the top 5 producing dairies in Dane County. Winner of Presidents Award in 2013 for largest annual sales increase in the company.


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